An HR consultancy with over 30 years of experience that doesn’t break the bank.


Valens Business Service is an Human Resource consulting company started by Tracy Schrey that prioritizes flexible and affordable services for their clients over expensive and cookie-cutter solutions. Tracy is an accomplished Employment and Labor Law attorney and HR Expert with over 30 years of experience. A seasoned professional with a workforce-centric perspective, she has worked with major corporations including the Walt Disney World Resort, Rite Aid, Penske Truck Leasing, and Penske Logistics.

As a new entreprenuer she prioritized getting to market quickly and put efforts into her website and digital marketing on the back burner. To get started, she got a website made from a close friend for free. But her website didn’t represent her brand and her services the way she wanted. The original website was poorly optimized for mobile, had slow loading times, was abysmally designed, and didn’t capture the true value of Valens in the marketplace.

Valens needed a new website that represented their brand perfectly and teach potential customers of their service and value. In addition, Valens wanted the ability for customers to choose a subscription plan and be able to check out online and manage themselves, so that Tracy and her team wouldn’t have to do tedious administration work, and instead focus on delivering to their customers. Also, they wanted to build out a webinars and trainings database and frontend to be able to easily create, edit, delete, and manage different webinars and trainings they offered.

Skills Used


Design and develop a new website

Integrate a content management system

assist with product research and discovery

Phase 1: Research

Human Resource consulting has traditionally been a service clients hire on an hourly basis or on a retainer. However, Valens was innovating on this model and implementing a flexible subscription model to open up access to quality HR services to companies of all sizes. Because of this, we researched websites of other companies that created subscription models from hourly services like Bench. In addition, looking into large competitors like Bambee HR gave us a look into what worked and what didn’t. Our team also dug into various award winning websites from the past year in similar niches as Valens to see what elements could be implemented for them at their budget and delivery schedule.

Phase 2: Branding

After completing our research, our team put together several different ideas and concepts until we landed on something that not only looked phenomenal but was also practical for Valens’ business. Our team went ahead and picked out a new set of fonts and created a new color pallet based on Valens’ brand colors. We then went ahead and setup the WordPress instance, loaded in the plugins needed, and crafted the design and look of the new Valens website completely from scratch. Our policy at Kreative Dreamflow is that every single website made is 100% from scratch – no prior template or design is used like with other shops.


In the final phase of the project, our team put together all of the extra eccomerce and membership functionality into the website. By leveraging existing software and plugins, we were able to develop these functions on a tight schedule and on a lower price to Valens. Also, we built out the neccessary webinars functionality that would allow Tracy and her team to manage their free and paid trainings without the need of a developer or desginated staff member. After all of that, we got the website ready to launch!

Key Results


Every feature asked was implemented onto the new Valens website. Everything from subscriptions, ecommerce, memberships, webinars, blog posts, mail, etc. was built into the website.


Using our optimized process at Kreative Dreamflow, we helped save Valens Business Services thousands of dollars of needless development and prototyping work.


Our help with design not only revamped their image, but helped with actual sales. They got more incoming phone calls after improving their brand image and website.


Valens Business Services has retained us as their digital transformation and marketing partner beyond initial engagement for their new business website.

Armaan provided exactly what we paid for: a well-designed, functional, and sales-orientated website. He took care of everything from setup to deployment and kept us in the loop at every stage. We would definitely work with him again in the future and urge others to work with him as well!

Tracey Schrey

Valens Business Services


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